Setting up a new website — registering a domain

I’m going to document some of the steps I’ve taken to get this website up and going. Start by registering a domain name. I work with the folks at Namespro where I registered this domain, – I can recommend them as a great place to register your domains (as little as $12.88 CDN per year) but also great web hosting packages and support .
Click here. In addition to registering a domain, you will also need a place to host it. Namespro offers web hosting for under $10 per month.

With your domain and the web hosting package purchased, you’ll be ready to set up your website with WordPress. Namespro will email you details on how to login to your domain. Once you have that, I recommend going to their support page and sending a request to their technical team to set you up with the latest version of WordPress in the root directory. That’s what I did for this web page, so that when you go to, you are actually going to a piece of oftware called WordPress. If you’d like to know more do a google on what is wordpress. While originally intended for blogging, many use it to create their website. To login to your website, enter /wp-login.php after your domain name.

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